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Legal Coupon - (PEZ Sours) Optional Cannabis Gift

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PEZ Sours - Sativa Hybrid - THC 20% - This is not for sale! Gift is 3.0 grams of THC cannabis flower in glass jar.


Sour Pez is an Indica Dominant Hybrid. Typically, 80% Indica and 20% Sativa crossed with Pink Pez, Sour Diesel, Pink Alien, Sweet Jones. The strain has a fruity sour candy taste much like Pez candy. There is a strong fruity and pungent aroma. This is a sweet smell that gets noticed. Typically, the bud is fluffy, olive green and leafy with orange and red strands with noticeable trichome formation.


The rollercoaster ride is terrific but can sometimes glue you to the couch. Sour Pez is great for those looking to for happy and then relaxing buzz. It lifts spirits and helps with insomnia, chronic pain and stress. On the flip side, some may experience dry mouth and dry red eyes.

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